Expanded Music Chart analyzes the limitations of computer black box, as well as the creative solutions that overcome its restrictions. With basic manipulation of images through CSS code, were created distortions that subverted the purposes of utility inherit to this language. This video project was based on a website where a list of 20 CSS manipulated album covers were presented to the user. Using the scroll, the user could process a purely mechanical but sublime aesthetic experience. Afterwards, it became necessary to create a video that combined image and sound - to the expanded/’stretched’ image of an album cover was associated the sound of its expanded/slower/’stretched’ music. This video is a homage to the great theorist Gene Youngblood.

× Together with Ana Schefer and Inês Bianchi.
× You can see the video with sound here or try it yourself by scrolling with the arrow of the scroll bar (best with safari).
× 2011.

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