The ongoing project MNMNET outlines theoretically a new social networking platform that questions the status of the internet user. Given the vast layers of information and motorized search processes that separate the user from critical thinking, MNMNET revisit the workflow of a desk. Influenced by Social Media that define Web 2.0 and, above all, by a few ancestor objects of cybertext, such as Atlas Mnemosyne, Memex and Silva Rerum, this project demands cultural production by creating analogies among several concepts: association, linking, network, non-linearity and mobility. Within Mnemonet, user’s criteria for collecting information surpasses the abstract act of “search”, imposed by those who dominate the organization of data.

× Concept, design, and code together with Ana Schefer and Masserra.
× Soon we will release a pilot version (please feel free to contact me if you would like to try it out)
× 2011.